Two days to go!!


After the tsunami of emotions writing my book so quickly created, the excitement within me is bursting through now. It's still feeling a tad surreal but I can feel the building up of delight!
Seeing my book being printed on the press today was a rare sight and it took my breath away, as I realised the enormity of achieving a life long ambition of becoming an author. Check the picture out!
I held a sample copy of my book for the first time on Saturday and it brought me to tears..of joy. Saturday also took me to the pop up shop in Leicester's Highcross centre for Choice Unlimited.

Tomorrow I receive my first job lot of three hundred copies, just in time for Wednesday's launch at Choice Unlimited in Leicester. Make room in the bedroom for now I reckon for storage.
Then the book and kindle version will be live on Amazon from Wednesday April 26th also. The book will be a sparkly £8.99 and kindle a snip at £5.99 - watch out for the links shortly...
​If you are reading this and attending Choice unlimited on Wednesday, please do drop by and say hello :).

Book Launch of The Invisible Girl: A Secret Life


It's just under two weeks now until my book is released onto the world, I am slightly nervous but mostly hugely excited now.
I am having a physical launch at a local event in Leicester called "Choice Unlimited" which is aimed at people with disabilities and services.
I was very kindly invited along to speak and book sign on the day. It really is a dream come true, as I wanted to be an author from a young age with my love for words and creative writing. This always helped me to cope with my feelings a little better in my darkest times, and believe me, there were many of them over the span of my forty six years.
Suffering for the past thirty years with severe depression that has hospitalised me four times, chronic anxiety, bulimia nervosa, OCD and self abuse. I have learnt a lot about myself, about mindset and about my place in the world.

I was eleven when I first remember experiencing mental anguish that prevented me from leading a normal life as a schoolgirl should be. My book goes through my life from this age, with flashbacks from being younger, through my teens, twenties, thirties and now forties. Spanning many life experiences from employment, my marriage, becoming a mum, divorce, single mum , dating and launching my first business.
At fifteen I fell apart majorly for the first time and was admitted to a psychiatric unit and remained there for sixteen months. Pretty traumatic for a young girl and it left me with a secret stigma that I carried around with me for years to come.
A pattern seemed to emerge in that I was seeking professional help around every two to three years of my life as much of my inner turmoil was not dealt with and festered for a long time leading to adult hospital stays, long periods of being off sick from work and leaving me with a very low self esteem.
It wasn't until my early thirties that I really began to feel ready to face and deal with my pain trapped inside of me. Then big and more lasting changes took place.
All the way throughout my journey I managed to hold onto a thread of hope, I'm not sure how at times but I always believed that there must be a better and happier life waiting for me to arrive at one day. I was right.
I have had so many therapies over the years and medications and treatments. This lead me onto seeking self help and personal development. I found reading the true life stories of other people that had struggled that i could identify with helped me so much, it really increased my hope and inner strength. I read so many books.
This year, the time was right for me to write and publish mine and I truly hope that it will inspire others as other's stories have me.
​Love Sam xx