Bad Things Happened

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A mother and daughter share their journey to forgiving and healing. As a child, she is a victim, severely trauma bonded from the experience. As adults, they both recognize they cannot change the past. They refuse to live life as a victim gripped by fear, shame, and guilt. The circumstance of child molestation happened, the thoughts and feelings about it are just a story. You are the story you tell yourself about yourself. Change the story heal yourself.

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The Story Behind The Photography

There is a lovely little story that I wish to share about the special lady that snapped the photos for this website, that lady is Eleanor Whibley. She’s from my home town of Leicester and as well as taking amazing photos that come to life when you view them she also has a very big heart. My kind of person.

Welcome to my new sparkling blog…

Thank you for dropping by on my brand new, sparkling, super duper website which is all about YOU, YOUR story and how I can help you to share your unique story with the universe. First some frequently asked questions… and answers!