I have been to so many different venues, charming places in the countryside, to Boots HQ at Nottingham to a local Natwest Women in Business Networking event in Leicester city centre.
There have also been further speaking opportunities at a charity AGM locally for Recovery Assistance Dogs for Mental Health and the opportunity to speak to my largest audience yet, 150 school children (teenagers) and teachers at a local secondary school as part of a motivational day.
Most importantly, I have connected to some more amazing people that have bravely shared their vulnerable side with me. A meaningful conversation with an eating disordered lady to a young girl that heard my talk at a library a few weeks ago. She must have listened so intently as she chose to stand in front of her school a few weeks later and talk about me, my talk and what she felt as part of anti - bullying week. These conversations and outcomes are truly priceless.
I would like to thank every one of you for reading my blog, supporting my journey and for being there. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and blessings for the New Year ahead.

​Lots of love - Sam xxx