Courage: Stories Of Darkness To Light

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What happens when you are plunged into the darkest of places in your life? Where there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel?
These eleven remarkable people tell their stories of their unique and honest journeys from their darkness and back to the light. We hear of their struggles and of everything positive that helped to pull them through some of the hardest times in their lives.
Ill mental health can affect anyone of us at any given time. The diversity of these authors demonstrates this, with stories from men, women, all ages, different cultures and backgrounds.
The book covers topics that do not get talked about enough such as Bipolar, severe Depression, relationship difficulties, caring for someone with a life-threatening condition, Cassandra Syndrome, Addiction, Postpartum Psychosis and more.
An inspirational read from cover to cover with a common theme running throughout each story: Courage. What makes someone courageous and what difference does that make to their lives and to those around them?
Each book sale will be donated to The Samaritans charity to support them in the incredible work they provide for those in a dark place and contact details can be found inside the book.