Mar 10

I Can’t Write My Book Because…

“Can you help me to write my book…I have dyslexia.”

“I struggle to organise and structure work because of how I think.”

“I don’t know how to write my full book-length story about trauma without it sucking my energy”.

So far I have worked with all kinds of people, from all kinds of backgrounds, with all kinds of educations, and all kinds of obstacles that make writing a book much harder. I love to be able to make it much easier for them.

I believe that with the right guidance, mindset, skills, encouragement, motivation and structure (this all combined makes it much easier to get out of your own way) that most people can write a decent book that they have always aspired to.

As much as I don’t like labels, some of them presented to me in people to work with have been:

Perfectionism (one of the most challenging!)
No exam passes
No experience of writing
Not good at reading
Low self-esteem
English as a second language
Other mental health issues

I was a combination of some of those too 

The good news is, that if you can believe for long enough that you can be coachable, are willing to accept support and have a “can-do” attitude then you CAN do it if you give yourself the freedom to and put in the effort it takes.

Who knows, you might even enjoy it – many have and found the process to be incredibly liberating and has allowed them to heal their old story, swap it for a new one and inspire others with their journey. #winwin


You can read my full story here, from when I was ten years old and what happened to me. I was admitted to a psychiatric unit at fifteen and continued to suffer throughout my adult life with feelings of self-hatred, fear, darkness and not knowing who I was. I used addictions to help me to cope on the outside when the inside was chaotic. I finally found my healing and had a burning desire to share this with the universe to give love, hope and inspiration to others in pain.

Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass

Anton Chekhov