May 2

Journalling Tip

Would you like to discover how to tell what you are currently attracting into your life?

Take one day aside, and every half an hour or so, jot down what you are thinking.

At the end of that day, reflect back on your day’s writings and notice the patterns of your thoughts and what you are thinking about the most.

This is an easy but powerful method to analyse yourself and maybe see where you would make any adjustments to reduce stress levels, attract different ideas/ people/ opportunities into your life.



You can read my full story here, from when I was ten years old and what happened to me. I was admitted to a psychiatric unit at fifteen and continued to suffer throughout my adult life with feelings of self-hatred, fear, darkness and not knowing who I was. I used addictions to help me to cope on the outside when the inside was chaotic. I finally found my healing and had a burning desire to share this with the universe to give love, hope and inspiration to others in pain.

Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass

Anton Chekhov