Life As A Rollercoaster

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Having found her voice, Liz shares her real-life story in a refreshingly open style born out of a burning desire to help people to cope in our ever-challenging world. From being bullied at an early age, her parents’ divorce, coping with exams, jealousy, dealing with abusive relationships both mentally and physically through to becoming admitted to a psychiatric unit in her early thirties and being given a Bipolar diagnosis. Liz remains remarkably positive even though she has been through extremely challenging times with her psychotic episodes and endeavours now to educate people to have the courage to speak out and share their experiences. Her family, partner, and ex-manager have also contributed their insights into Liz’s journey and how the diagnosis of Bipolar affected them in a different way. This truly is an inspirational story full of lows and highs and demonstrates that no matter what you face in life you can and will get through it.