Dec 23

The Becoming

During her early childhood, Jackie formed her life through her inner power and clairaudience. As she moved into puberty and got lost in everyday life, she became disconnected from her higher self.


Jackie had a job, a marriage, was a mum and a home maker. She thought this was her lot in life.  She forgot about her soul contract with god from her formative years.


Then in her 40s, she developed her gifts of clairsentience and clairvoyance. Messages and prophecy were coming to her thick and fast until she realised something was pulling her away from the life she had dreamed of. By reconnecting with her guides, she moved into the life she was contracted to do. She was living and surrounded by love in servitude to the equine world as a healer and horse transporter. Jackie is a healer of her past karma and other people and animals.


This is her story.




You can read my full story here, from when I was ten years old and what happened to me. I was admitted to a psychiatric unit at fifteen and continued to suffer throughout my adult life with feelings of self-hatred, fear, darkness and not knowing who I was. I used addictions to help me to cope on the outside when the inside was chaotic. I finally found my healing and had a burning desire to share this with the universe to give love, hope and inspiration to others in pain.

Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass

Anton Chekhov