Oct 20

The MoTto Effect

After the birth of her first child, Meena was struck down with severe ill health symptoms that disrupted her life, leaving her exhausted, confused and frustrated as to what was wrong with her. Doctors finally confirmed that she had the Autoimmune disease; Hashimoto’s and gave her the harrowing prognosis of her being stuck with the condition for the rest of her life. Meena refused to accept this news and determinedly began her research into how she could heal herself.

Many unhealed people live in desperation, with life-long fatigue, digestive issues, chronic pains, constant monitoring of thyroid levels, medications and with no relief from the symptoms.

Meena created the MotTo Effect, which is a holistic step by step healing approach, incorporating some ancient eastern principles. The ten MotTos will help transform your Hashimoto’s-life into a life filled with vibrancy, health and vitality, including:

  • The specific Body MotTos
  • The fascinating Mind MotTos
  • The profound Soul MotTos
  • Symptom checker

If thyroid medications alone were the real solution, then Hashimoto’s would not have become a public health crisis. This inspirational and engaging book will guide you through the process of unlocking that puzzle.




You can read my full story here, from when I was ten years old and what happened to me. I was admitted to a psychiatric unit at fifteen and continued to suffer throughout my adult life with feelings of self-hatred, fear, darkness and not knowing who I was. I used addictions to help me to cope on the outside when the inside was chaotic. I finally found my healing and had a burning desire to share this with the universe to give love, hope and inspiration to others in pain.

Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass

Anton Chekhov