Develop Personal Skills - Confidence building, resilience, overcoming fears, goal setting, decision making, assertiveness, defining personal values, self motivation, understanding and dealing with emotions, self discipline, increasing self esteem, creating balance in your life and boundary setting.

Firstly, we will break the ice gently, I will explain a little about myself and what I do, giving you a chance to ask any questions.Then we can discuss what brings you to the session, a brief bit about your history and we create a confidential and trusting environment and relationship.

I will help you to identify what is troubling you using my experience, intuition, skills and what you bring to the session.

We then look at ways to help and overcome difficulties using mentoring/coaching techniques, setting goals at the clients pace and discussing any problems along the way. Sometimes there will be work to do outside of the sessions.

We will regularly reflect on our sessions and the progress made.