An anonymous service (unless desired otherwise) to write your book for you in your voice, personality and tone.

Firstly, we discover you book vision and author aims, and I get to know you a little as a person. Then we engage in approx. 12 hours of in-depth recorded interviews for me to extract your story, I help you to unlock your memories, then the interviews are transcribed into note form, and then I plot and structure your book. I embody you as a person using my intuitive and empathic gifts and really get into your character whilst I write your book using my notes and detailed plan to guide me through the chapters.

Once the first chapter is written, I invite you to read and review the work and we discuss the style, flow, and content. If changes are desired, they are made, and then I continue to write with regular check in’s with you until the manuscript is complete. This takes around 2-3 months depending on the availability of content and reviews.

Your manuscript is reviewed at the end and is then ready to be proofread and edited.

The investment can be paid in full or can be split into three payments (plus deposit if booked in advance). There is a bonus package available to include the entire ghostwriting and book creation services in full.

To make enquires and book a consultation please, contact me directly


A video testimonial from Jason on his Ghostwriting experience.