Hiding In Plain Sight No-more

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Have you felt as though you live in the shadows of others, unable to stand in a light of your own? Always need to give to others yet can’t receive for yourself, alone? Spend much of your time uplifting others, setting them apart and forgetting that you too need to shine, to do your part.

If you identify with any of these and have found yourself inadvertently ‘Hidden in Plain sight’ maybe even had your gifts squandered and your presence invalidated, discounted and ignored, then this book is for you.

Coming out of the shadows and into her light, Sherine knows how easy it is, for even the smarted of women, to overshadowed by another’s light. This book is an unconventional love story where an adult falls in love with her younger self, and through the filter of understanding and compassion, the old script is rewritten so a new self can emerge.

Here we learn that to truly heal we must let go of the past we would have wished for and acknowledge the one we had. This is the only way we can own these powerful experiences we had and harness the learning to become ourselves fully.