Would you love to turn your passion for writing into a profitable career?

Can you imagine creating your income writing about topics that inspire you?

Three years ago I set my goal to write my first book and subsequently to make my living from writing about emotions, mental health and trauma whilst working from a coffee shop each day. Within weeks I was doing exactly that...

Up until that point I had never been paid a penny to write a single word.

This 7 part course takes you through the process that I fully invested and committed into to achieve my dream working lifestyle.

Are you ready to create your dream as a writer?

It is also available as a 1:1 mentoring programme. Please email for details on how to upgrade

Course Content

Part 1 – You - The Writer Extraordinaire

  • The Magic Of The Big Why
  • Who Are You And What Do You Want To Achieve
  • What Do you Want To Be Known For
  • Your Long Term Vision
  • Creating The Vision
  • Setting The Intention

Part 2 – Your Offering And Your Client

  • Who Is Your Ideal Client
  • Options As A Paid Writer
  • Ghostwriter
  • Content Writer
  • Editor
  • Other Options
  • Creating The Offer
  • Programme V One Off Gigs
  • What To Charge

Part 3 – Attracting Clients To Pay You Money To Work With You

  • Common Misconceptions
  • Personal Branding
  • The Most Important Factors First
  • Your Story
  • How And Where To Find Clients (Or Rather How They Find You!)
  • Marketing Yourself

Part 4 – Overcoming Hurdles

  • Imposter Syndrome As A Creative
  • Writer’s Block
  • Handling The Critics
  • Productivity And Time Management
  • All other
  • Legalities

Part 5 – Gaining Momentum

  • Loving What You Do And Sharing The Passion
  • Testimonials
  • Profile Building
  • Referrals

Part 6 – Writer’s Growth

  • Personal Growth
  • Business Growth
  • A Team To Work With
  • Collaborations
  • Another Book
  • New Goals And New Vision Setting

Part 7 – Tools Of The Trade

  • Technical Literary Friends
  • Recommended Books
  • A Mentor/Coach
  • Contracts – For Clients And Outsourcing
  • Supervisor
  • Other Techy Buddies


A video testimonial from Jason on his Ghostwriting experience.

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