Using the book writing process that helped me to write my book in 16 days, win an author award and change lives of others I have honed it further to support you to write the best and most inspiring book of your dreams.

There are 7 main elements:

  • Clarity - “Setting The Scene Strategy” - Vision and Mission
  • Core - “The Mindset Master Plan” - Your Author State
  • Create - “The Writing Roadmap” - The Practicals
  • Capacity - “The Productivity Plan”- Making It Happen
  • Communication - “The Publishing Principle” - Post Writing
  • Credentials - “The Synopsis System” - Book Blurb
  • Communication - “The Publishing Principle” - Post Writing

This is designed as a ten-session programme to support you over 90 days with your manuscript completed within that period. It includes supporting and critiquing work as it is written by you. Available in person or online.

The investment can be paid in full or can be split into three payments. To make enquires and book your space, please contact me directly.


A video testimonial from Sue on her Mentoring experience.

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The Story Behind The Photography

There is a lovely little story that I wish to share about the special lady that snapped the photos for this website, that lady is Eleanor Whibley. She’s from my home town of Leicester and as well as taking amazing photos that come to life when you view them she also has a very big heart. My kind of person.

Welcome to my new sparkling blog…

Thank you for dropping by on my brand new, sparkling, super duper website which is all about YOU, YOUR story and how I can help you to share your unique story with the universe. First some frequently asked questions… and answers!