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Thank you for expressing all of me in a way that’s in such a FLOW. And I couldn’t even say that those emotions were made up because they did come to me and I felt them deeply. All of the thoughts that you put in the book happened, that’s why my mind was blown away as you expressed me almost exactly. You are a five star ghostwriter to me.


I first met Samantha when she came as a speaker to one of our Ladies First meetings in April 2018.  Listening to her talk about her own story and how she had overcome so many hurdles to become the person she is today made me realise that writing and talking about real life issues can help not only yourself but others suffering in silence.
I think deep down we all have a story to tell and Sam is the person to help tell it.  Sam gave me the courage to write my story.  She is an incredible mentor!
I started the journey of writing my memoir in June last year and it went to press in December.  My book launch is next week – unreal!

Tracey McAtamney

Sam is hands down the only reason my daughter Nikki and I were able to produce an incredible book about healing from Child Molestation. It was hard to revisit that topic yet Sam’s incredible step by step guidance inspired us every step of the way. Write your story with Sam. Sign up today. No experience required. Thank you Sam, for everything you did and continue to do. Your friends for life

Sue & Nikki

Working with Samantha is a gift within its self. Not only do you get a book but you learn so much through her guided program


Absolutely loved today’s first session of the book mentoring. Thank you so much!


I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to talk to me and said to me I think that’s what makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s not just about writing a book you actually become a friend of the client. It’s a fantastic service you offer and I really am thankful for all your help I think was really good as well is the fact that you are accessible


It was a brilliant first session and I look forward to many more! I am super excited about this as I know it will be great and I need you to focus my mind


I had a moment this morning reliving my past. I’m feeling very driven at the moment, nothing can stop me now. I do actually feel on fire right now in all areas of my life it’s incredible! very blessed that our paths crossed.”

Nic G

Thanks Sam it was really great having the coach session. I will be working on my book. Excited too.


Thanks Sam, the exercises and structure have really helped me. It’s all about getting my head completely in the zone now when I sit down to start. This was my biggest hurdle and where I didn’t know how to start


I definitely feel different. I still need to do the forgiving properly, I have partly but want to prepare myself and do it more formally, then I can shut the door and not look back. I’m not even daunted by that idea now when once I wanted to hold on to the resentment. I’ve literally just started reading your book xxx